Integrating Wizzi With Your Maximus Account

Updated 4 years ago by Wizzi

Syncing your Wizzi account with Maximus and is easy and does not require any custom modifications. You can simply take your Wizzi landing pages, and can load them into Maximus are your campaign destination URLs.
  1. To get started, load your products into Wizzi. If you haven't loaded a product into Wizzi yet, you can click here to walk through that process.
  2. Once you have products loaded into Wizzi. Create a landing page in the Content section, and tag your product to your landing page.

  1. Next, make sure your Maximus pixel is placed.
  2. Your Maximus pixel should be placed in your or your partners tracking system at the product/offer level. If you are using (EverFlow, Cake, or HasOffers) or are promoting products from a company using any of those tracking systems, you can place your Maximus pixel at the offer level.
  3. If you Maximus pixel is correctly placed at the product/offer level in your or your partners tracking system, Maximus will fire conversions into Maximus at the offer and landing page level, giving you a real time P&L.
  4. If you are promoting a landing page or campaign with multiple products, you can place the global Maximus pixel on the product/offer level in the above tracking systems and all of your revenue will track and populate into your Maximus account in real time.

Additional Resources:

  • Click here to learn how to add your Maximus pixel to products and offers.
  • Click here to learn how to add advanced parameters and custom cookies to your landing pages.

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