How To Split Test Products

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Create a Split Test Products experiment in Wizzi.

Start By Selecting 'Split Test Products'

Get started from the experiments tab and select 'Split Test Products'.

Enter Your Split Products Settings

After you select your experiment you will be able to define the settings about your split products:

  • Give your experiment a name
  • Select a category
  • Select Base Content - Click to set the default landing page for your products to rotate in.
  • Add Products To Split Test - Select from a dropdown the products you want to test.
  • Enter Weight - Set the percentage amount you want to weigh for each lander.

Note: Weighted totals must equal 99-100 for split test to be created or updated.

Making Edits To Split Test

From the experiments tab when you click to edit your 'Split Test Products' experiment it will bring up the same pop up form you created your test in:

  • Change Content - Swap out default lander for your split test.
  • Change Products - Swap out products, add or remove new ones to your split test.
  • Change Weight - Adjust the weighted amount you are serving your products.

Note: All changes will reset total views back to 0 so that the weighted products will be served properly.

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