Wizzi 4.0 Release Notes & Highlights

Updated 4 years ago by Wizzi

Previous Updates:

  • Parameter Values in Content - Pass parameter values from URLs to your content with custom cookies.
  • Title Block Responsive Options - Create alternative blocks on different screen sizes for the title block.
  • Theme Alternative Logos from Media Gallery - In a custom theme now you can use an image from your media gallery as a logo.
  • Theme Custom CSS - Ability to implement custom CSS in your custom themes.
  • Theme Custom JS - Ability to implement custom JavaScript in your custom themes.
  • Website Favicon - Add a custom a favicon to your synced website.
  • Website Global Pixel - Add a global pixel to your synced website.
  • Event Pixels - Now you can set event pixels to fire OnLoad or OnClick in your lander settings.
  • Toggle Sticky Sidebar - Now you can turn off or on the sticky sidebar setting of your content.
  • Cookie Consent Block - Add a custom cookie consent bar to the bottom of your page.
  • Sticky Mobile Block - Add a sticky mobile button to the bottom of your page on mobile devices.

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