Advanced Parameters & Custom Cookies

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Wizzi will automatically pass your tracking parameters through the click URL for any traffic source, but sometimes you may want to pass additional parameters that's not defined in your loaded URL.

In your content Custom Cookies will allow you to define static and dynamic parameters to pass through in addition on your click through URL.

Setting a Custom Cookies on an Existing Page

Open the page you want to add custom cookies to and click the settings button on the top right of the screen. (You can also add custom cookies when you first create your content too)

Select Add Custom Cookies

Once you click to add a custom cookie, two input fields will appear for you to define a parameter and a value. This will get automatically appended to the end of the click through URL when the page is loaded live.

In the above example demonstrates how to set a static custom cookie, however in Wizzi you can also set more dynamic custom cookies based on the parameter in your URL. So in the case you wanted to fetch a certain parameters value and set it in your click through URL to another parameter you can do that in this example:

For example let's say your Live Wizzi page has the 's5' parameter/value loaded in your URL:

First I'll set a new parameter name and as the value I will set it to the name of the parameter that I want to fetch from the URL so in this case I will set custom_param to {s5} and the curly braces {} indicator will be the indicator for Wizzi to do it's magic.

Now if we look at our live page with the set parameter in the URL we will see the dynamic parameter added in addition to the main one like this:

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