Block Settings

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Use the 'Block Settings' in the content editor for advanced customization options - every block has similar options but each block may have unique settings pertaining to the individual block.

Here we have an example 'Title Block' - you can customize it to display different titles depending on the device the user is on. You can set device specific titles by clicking the icon of the device you want to target and entering in your new title.

  • The Globe icon is the default headline for all devices.
  • The Desktop icon is to set the desktop title.
  • The Mobile icon is to set the mobile title.

Toggle over to set a unique Desktop title

Click the 'Gear' Icon To Open The Block Settings

This will pop up the block settings for this specific block where you can select to activate that device specific headline.

Note: By activating a device specific headline you are overriding the default headline set at the globe icon. To undo this simply open up the block settings and click to deactivate the device specific headline.

Another Example: Button Block Settings

Similar to the 'Title Block' the 'Button Block' has the ability to create device specific content, but the Button Block has more additional settings to customize such as:

  • Select color
  • Enter manual HEX background color
  • Enter manual HEX text color
  • Create device specific titles

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