Adding Parameters To Content

Updated 4 years ago by Wizzi

Wizzi allows you to capture parameter values in the URL and pass it to your content..

In your content Custom Cookies you can define the parameter you want to add to your content and use {value} as a placeholder for where you want Wizzi to insert that parameter's value.

Setting a Custom Cookies on an Existing Page

Open the page you want to add custom cookies to and click the settings button on the top right of the screen. (You can also add custom cookies when you first create your content too)

Select Add Custom Cookies

Once you click to add a custom cookie, two input fields will appear for you to define a parameter and a value. The parameter is the name of the param we want to search for our URL and the value is wrapped in curly braces and what we define in our content.

In our content we simply place the value we set in our custom cookie thats wrapped in curly braces and Wizzi will automatically pass the value from the URL to your content:

Previewing Our Parameter In Our Content

As you can see Wizzi captured our parameters value and dynamically injected into our placeholder value in our content.

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